What is the OHSCatchTheAce.ca Raffle?

“Catch the Ace” raffles are a growing phenomenon among charities across the country. It is a progressive jackpot, multiple-draw, weekly raffle in which ticketholders have the chance to win a weekly prize as well as the progressive prize. 

What is the OHSCatchTheAce.ca raffle lottery license number?

The OHSCatchTheAce.ca raffle license number is RAF1208346, as provided by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.    

What are the ticket prices for the OHSCatchTheAce.ca raffle?

Tickets are available at the following bundle prices: 3 for $10, 20 for $25, 50 for $50, or 100 for $75.    

Who is not eligible to order a ticket?

The following persons are prohibited from purchasing tickets in the OHSCatchTheAce.ca raffle:   

  • Staff and board members of the Ottawa Humane Society    
  • Employees (and members of the same household) of the registered gaming supplier, Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd.  
  • Employees of the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario   
  • Persons under the age of 18 
  • Persons not in the province of Ontario

Can someone who lives outside Ontario buy a ticket?

The raffle is intended for Ontario residents only. Ticket buyers must be in Ontario at the time of order and provide an Ontario mailing address. 

How old do you have to be to order a ticket?

Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Tickets cannot be ordered in the name of a minor. 

What are the odds of winning the OHSCatchTheAce.ca raffle?

The odds of winning a weekly prize draw depend on the number of tickets in the draw. There is no limit to the number of tickets that can be sold. The odds of selecting the envelope containing the Ace of Spades begins at 1 in 52 and these odds improve with each weekly removal of envelopes containing a card other than the Ace of Spades. 

What are the guidelines regarding the number of names on OHSCatchTheAce.ca raffle ticket and payment terms?

All tickets, both individual or bundled, must contain the same name and information. Only CREDIT CARDS are accepted for payment and only one credit card may be used per transaction.  

Can I buy tickets that qualify for more than one weekly draw? 

Tickets may only be purchased for the upcoming weekly draw. Ticket subscriptions and multiple week purchases are not permitted by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, at this time. 

I cannot access the OHSCatchTheAce.ca website. What should I do?

Per AGCO regulations – you must be located within the province of Ontario at the time of your ticket purchase. Your device’s locations services must be turned on to verify your location prior to entry to the online OHSCatchTheAce.ca sales platform. Users must also agree to all Terms and Conditions outlined. 

How long does it take to receive my ticket(s)? 

Generally, within five minutes of purchase you will receive your ticket by email. During times of high demand, it could take up to 30 minutes. If you don’t receive within an hour, email us to: events@ottawahumane.ca    

I haven't received my official ticket/it contains a spelling/address error.

Your official ticket will be sent to you via email at point of sale. If there appears to be any issues you may email us to: events@ottawahumane.ca    

I’m not able to open my electronic tickets. What do I do? 

If you are not able to open your email to retrieve your ticket, email us at: events@ottawahumane.ca    

What happens if my credit card is declined?

All tickets must be purchased online using a credit card. If there is an issue with your credit card, the point of purchase system will not allow your ticket to be purchased. Credit card is the only form of payment. 

I have deleted the email with my lottery ticket. Am I still eligible for the draws?

Yes. You do not need your ticket in hand to be included in the draws. For ticket-related inquiries, please email us to: events@ottawahumane.ca     

How is the winning ticket determined?

A single ticket is selected each week using a random number generator program within the raffle platform. The winning ticket is selected from all tickets purchased during the week of sales.    

Is there a guaranteed winner every week?  

Each week of the raffle, the weekly prize will be awarded to one winner. The Weekly Prize is 20% of all ticket sales collected during that week of play.  

Is there a guaranteed progressive jackpot in this raffle? 

Yes. The minimum guaranteed value of the Progressive Jackpot is $2,500.  

Why do I have to select one of the remaining digital envelopes?

Each of the digital envelopes contains a hidden playing card and the OHSCatchTheAce.ca progressive jackpot will be won by the ticket holder who wins the weekly prize draw and selects the envelope containing the Ace of Spades. Every ticket order must include a selected envelope. 

Can I select an envelope for each ticket in my order or one envelope for each order?

One envelope is selected for each ticket order. Players wishing to select multiple envelopes can place several ticket orders and select a different envelope for each order. Having more than one envelope selection does not increase your odds of winning the weekly or progressive prize. 

Do I win a prize if I selected the same envelope as the weekly prize winner and it contains the Ace of Spades?

No. Only the holder of the weekly prize-winning ticket is eligible to win the OHSCatchTheAce.ca progressive jackpot. Any given week, numerous ticketholders could select the same envelope number when buying their tickets.  

How are the winners notified?

The winning ticket number and name and place of residence of the winner will be recorded and announced immediately after each draw and published on the OHSCatchTheAce.ca website and the Ottawa Humane Society Facebook page.   

Lottery winners will also be notified by a representative of the Ottawa Humane Society by email of telephone. Such notification will include information about the prize claim procedure.     

How long do I have to claim my prize?

Winning ticket holders have six (6) months from the date of the draw to claim a prize. If the money is not claimed, it will be disbursed appropriately with the approval of the AGCO.   

How do I claim my prize? 

All winners will receive a telephone call or email with instructions on how to claim their prize. Prizes must be claimed within six (6) months of the prize draw.  

Is my ticket purchase tax deductible?

Lottery or raffle tickets are not eligible for a charitable tax receipt as per Canada Revenue Agency rules and regulations. 

If I win, is my prize subject to taxation?

No. Prizes won are not taxable. Lottery winnings are considered a windfall and not taxable in Canada. 

Will my name be publicized if I am a winner? 

The winning ticket number and name and place of residence of the winner will be recorded and announced immediately after each draw and published on the OHSCatchTheAce.ca website and the Ottawa Humane Society Facebook page.   

By claiming a prize, winner consents to the use of their likeness (photograph), first and last name, ticket number, city or town of residence and the audio/video recording (or written transcription) of the winner notification telephone call, for any publicity purposes by the Ottawa Humane Society

What is your privacy policy?

Ottawa Humane Society respects the privacy of its raffle supporters; we do not sell, rent, or trade our supporter lists.